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The discipline of economics is overlapping with more and more branches of learning every day. Providing an insight into the behaviors of individuals, companies and policymakers, economics is now capitalizing on other areas of study even more. Other fields also have an ever-growing need for economists. Businesses and academic institutions are increasingly favoring well-rounded individuals with analytical decision-making skills. Highly aware of the way things are shaping up, ŞEHİR Economics has designed an innovative course to better prepare you for the future. ŞEHİR Economics provides you with the key to developing your analytical decision-making skills during your college years. Crossing over into and interconnecting with other branches of social sciences and business administration, the course primarily prepares you for life and opens up new opportunities ahead. Prepared in association with ŞEHİR School of Management and Administrative Sciences, the Economics program is shaped to provide an innovative approach on these fields which have recently been on the rise, ensuring you will be one of the most sought after graduates, whether you set your sights on the business world or academia.

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